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Balayage vs Highlights: What's the difference?

Yes, these are two different hair services, but they can seem very similar. Let’s dive in and determine the difference.


What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are attachments that add length or volume to your hair by either taping into the root of your hair with medical grade tape, bonded in, or beaded in.

Celebrities made them famous, but everyone, including your co-workers, is wearing them because they are more durable and realistic-looking than they used to be. Most customers request hair extensions when they want to add length or volume to enhance their look. Extensions are so natural these days that you might not even realize how many people wear them. 

The best part is that no one will know you’re wearing extensions because they’re attached through sophisticated beading or bonding techniques when using Great Lengths or IBE extensions.

How do I chooses which hair Extension is right for me?

Great question! It comes down to your preference and lifestyle. Tape Ins, Keratin, and Beaded methods have significant pros and cons. 

Tape ins are less expensive compared to the other hair extension options. They are a great way to dip your toes into the world of hair extensions without the price of full-fused or beaded extensions. They are easy to install and last up to 6 weeks up to 3 times. 

The cons to this method is that they can sometimes be seen through hair because of the tape. You’ll need to take some steps to hide the extension. They also last less time than their counterparts.

Keratin fused tips are applied with a thermal application or a cold application. At Rituals, we use the Great Lengths brand and are certified in applying hair extensions using the thermal application. This method protects your hair from damage and keeps the extension in place until your hair grows out. The temperature never gets hotter than the average temperature of a curling iron. 

They last 3-6 months and don’t need reinstalling.

Some considerations of this method are the price and time to install. These hair extensions are made of the best materials and hair and blend in perfectly with your hair. The quality of these brings the price up a bit.

Invisible Bead Extensions (IBE) are very high-quality hair extensions. These hair extensions are woven into your hair at the root. The hair can last up to a year when properly taken care of. The hair is very comfortable due to the method of how it’s installed on a client’s scalp.

When deciding if IBE is for you, consider the decision around maintaining them every 8-10 weeks. As your hair grows, so does the extension install, so you’ll need to set a regular cadence to update your extensions.

How long do hair extensions last?

Hair extensions, when well-cared for, can last up to 5 months using pre-bonded or beaded extensions. 

Taped-in extensions can last up to 6 weeks but can be reused up to 3 times.

When selecting the type of hair extensions you want, you’ll want to factor in that the wings will be moved up as your hair grows when using pre-bonded extensions, typically every 6 weeks.

Are hair extensions okay for everyone's hair?

Because of the nature of extensions, your hair should be healthy. 

Extensions add weight to your scalp, so you’ll want to ensure you don’t have brittle or overly processed hair. Hair should be a bit on the longer side to ensure that the roots of the attached hair won’t be seen. Your goal is to give the illusion that all that beautiful hair is yours!

Client being prepped for Hair Extensions at Rituals Encinitas Hair Studio in Encinitas.

How do you maintain your hair extensions?

Maintenance for hair extensions is minor, but there are a few things to be mindful of. First, you’ll want to make sure you blow dry the roots of your hair where the extensions are attached. If you do, your hair extensions might only last for a short time because the wet conditions of your hair might affect them.

How do you sleep with extensions?

I’m glad you asked! Sleeping is easy with extensions; braid and tie your hair with a loose tie. Or you can wear a scarf. 

How long does it take to apply hair extensions?

It depends on which type of extensions you want. The process usually includes the first time installation which can be up to 3-4 hours, or broken up into multiple sessions. Every time after that is just moving up the extensions every 6 weeks.

How much do extensions cost?

There are initial costs of purchasing the hair customized to your color. Depending on which type of hair extension you want, the prices vary. Tape in extensions are typically the most affordable, followed by IBE, and Keratin strand extensions.

Final thoughts

Extensions are an amazing way to update your look quickly. They are very comfortable, durable, and realistic. And the cool thing is that they can be dyed to match your hair color, even vivid color, and balayage. 

Vivid fashion color hair extensions

Vivid fashion color hair extensions.

Balayage hair extensions.

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